Luxe lash Kit (10 Minx lash pots + FREE shipping )


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What are Minx lashes?

Minx lash extension segments are made from luxuriously soft,  faux mink fibers that have been hand arranged onto a paper-thin lash band.


These delicate segments are applied underneath your natural lashes, away from your water line, using our specially formulated bond/adhesive and applicator wand.


Lashes can be worn for up to 5 days at a time.

Minx lashes are reusable 2-3 times.


What do I get in the luxe starter kit?

10 Minx lashes pots

1 LashLife bond/adhesive

1 stainless steel, lash applicator wand


A starter kit contains 10 pots of Minx lashes


Each pot contains 12 lash extension segments.

Depending on the size of your eye, you may use 3/4/5/ lash extension segments per eye.


LashLife bond:


LashLife bond is designed with a micro mascara wand to easily apply the adhesive underneath your natural lashes. The bond is free of latex, formaldehyde, and cyanoacrylate, resulting in a flexible and damage free hold.

A tube of LashLife bond will last between 3-6 months.


LashLife applicator wand:


The unique LashLife applicator wand is an essential part of the LashLife eyelash extension system. The applicator wand is designed to handle delicate lash extension segments without damaging them.

Use your applicator wand to place LashLife lash extension segments underneath your natural eye lashes and gently fuse them together. See application instructions.




To reuse: 

Remove lashes using an eye-safe oil. Follow removal instructions in our application and removal guide.


Once lashes are removed, put them back into the lash pot.

Fill the pot with isopropyl alcohol (91% or higher)

Allow lashes to soak for 10 minutes.

Remove lashes, one by one. Use a dense eyeshadow brush or cotton bud to gently clean off excess glue.

Once all lashes are cleaned, rinse them in water and set aside to dry.

Use a spoolie to fluff your lashes.

Store in lash pots.

Size Jar 1

10MM, 12MM, 14MM

Size Jar 2

10MM, 12MM, 14MM

Size Jar 3

10MM, 12MM, 14MM

Size Jar 4

10MM, 12MM, 14MM

Size Jar 5

10MM, 12MM, 14MM

Size Jar 6

10MM, 12MM, 14MM

Size Jar 7

10MM, 12MM, 14MM

Size Jar 8

10MM, 12MM, 14M

Size Jar 9

10MM, 12MM, 14MM

Size Jar 10

10MM, 12MM, 14MM

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