LashLife is a brand new, at home, eyelash extension system that is a first of it's kind in South Africa.
Our system consists of custom made, paper thin band lashes , a long hold, flexible bond and a stainless steel applicator. Lashlife is designed to be safely worn underneath natural lashes, giving you a comfortable and damage free experience

We are tirelessly focused on sourcing the best materials and most talented lash artisans to produce  the highest quality, most natural-looking and comfortable lashes at an affordable and accessible price for all! We are committed to creating the most beautiful, effective, afforable and safe lash solutions that have ever existed.

100% vegan and cruelty-free premium korean silk pbt. Each lash segment is hand made by experienced lash artisans.
Our lash styles are custom mapped and designed.

That's the beauty: the choice is yours. You can apply and remove daily, or wear for up to 5 days! It's all a matter of preference, lifestyle and individual body chemistry. Our lashes are virtually weightless and can be comfortably lived in.

Give yourself plenty of time and some patience when first learning the system. Many won't perfect LashLife on their first try, but many do. It takes an average of three tries before it clicks. So, don't get discouraged! This is a brand new system that is easy to learn, eventually you'll be able to apply a full eye in 5 minutes.

LashLife is water resistant. You can easily shower, swim, do water sports, and exercise while wearing LashLife. However, long exposure to heat and steam will loosen the lashes and soften the bonds. Avoid directlying wetting your lashes with warm or hot water in the shower.
If they get wet, allow them to fully dry before fusing with your fuse wand or finger tips.
Iff they loosen, simply add extra bond and fuse again.

Absolutely. Our products are safe for clients allergic to traditional lash extensions. Our bonds are gentle and user friendly, created without fumes or formaldehydes.
Our copolymer base is latex free, providing a flexible hold that moves with your natural lashes.

Definitely! Just be careful when removing makeup around the eye area. Use micellar water or oil free makeup remover to remove eye makeup without disturbing your lashes.

We do not accept exchanges or refunds on packages that have been opened.
If you wish to return an unopened package, please contact our team who will gladly assist

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